SENTAC Webinar: Everything you always wanted to know about congenital CMV: But were afraid to ask

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This lecture will be center around the child born with congenital CMV (cCMV) and the effects on the child and the family. It will be hosted by a number of experts in the multidisciplinary care of these children and will have a distinct focus on the developmental impact of this condition particularly through the lens of hearing and balance. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of early diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and rehabilitation. A parental perspective will be shared and discussion around the impact of cCMV on pregnant clinicians will also be presented. Learning Objectives: Participants will: 1. Describe CMV epidemiology and the risk factors for contracting CMV that are relevant to pregnant mothers and pregnant clinicians. 2. Outline the clinical manifestations and natural history of congenital CMV. 3. Understand the methods through which congenital CMV is diagnosed in an infant. 4. Be aware of the role of valganciclovir as a treatment option for congenital CMV. 5. Recognize and predict the impact of congenital CMV on hearing and vestibular function. 6. Counsel families regarding the risk of progression of hearing loss in children with congenital CMV. 7. Implement audiologic follow-up for a child with congenital CMV and normal hearing. 8. Consider the role of amplification and implantation in CMV related hearing loss, including single sided deafness. 9. Identify educational resources for the families of children affected by congenital CMV. This webinar is accredited for 1.5 CME This webinar is the second in our Webinar Series! Because this is being accredited as a series, certificates for any of the four attended will be sent out after the last one in September. You will receive a survey at that time that will need to be completed in order to receive your certificate.
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